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This is the place to ask questions of you have already started a Pre Pack
Hi all.

I have been reading about the pre-pack liquidation option which seems a good one for my company. I understand that a new company that I set up will have to pay for the assets of the old. I have estimated that this will be around £10k. I do not have this kind of money to invest up front so what are the options? Can I pay over time for example?
Hello Sammy63 and welcome to the forum.

Raising the funds to pay for the old company's assets in a pre-pack solution can be a daunting prospect but generally it does not have to be. If you do not have the funds available then there are two options. One is to pay in installments from the trading revenues of the new company. This can work well but will obviously depend on cash flow projections. The second is to consider a loan. At first glance this might seem impossible, however depending on how much you want to borrow, funding can be made available with personal guarantees.